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What is the perfume made of

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What is the perfume made of

The basis of all aromas is the so -called “essence”, which is an extract of flowers, leaves, fruits, animals on an alcohol basis. As a rule, the essence has a bright monoaromat and is the main component of any perfume. Therefore, the higher its concentration, the longer its aroma remains.

Natural aromatic ingredients are obtained from natural materials of plant or animal origin. In connection with the high cost of natural raw materials, perfumers began to use synthetic aromatic substances that are products of chemical processing of wood, stone coal, essential oils. Separate components are distinguished from these materials and processed in a special way into the necessary fragrant substances.

The more in the essence of natural fragrant substances, the more expensive the perfume will be made on its basis. Since the middle of the last century, perfumes made on the basis of synthetic aromatic substances obtained by chemically have become very popular in the world. They can have aromas corresponding to the natural smell of flowers, fruits or herbs, but they are also created that are not found at all in natural nature. Thanks to this variety of aromas, the creation of perfumes with different fantasy smells is possible, which significantly expands its assortment.

Such aromas are persistent, but at the same time have not too high cost. These perfumes are called aldehyde, since their aromas are synthesized from various aldehydes, which are pure chemical compounds that provide a huge variety of nuances in aroma. Gradually heated on the skin, they become saturated and brighter. At the same time, aldehydes significantly enhance the rest of the notes in perfume. The aldehyde essence was first represented by the world in the spirits of Chanel No. 5 from Coco Chanel. At the moment, it is used in almost any spirit.

Perfume essence often consists of a huge number of components. So some of them include up to 300 natural and synthetic aromatic substances. Pure essence as an independent aroma is sold extremely rarely. High -quality spirits (Parfum) contains up to 40% of this aromatic concentrate. Such an aromatic fluid gives the feeling of our favorite smell for 24 or more hours even in the case of its one -time use. The perfumed water (Eau de Parfum) contains 20-25 % of the essence, so they “hold” the aroma for no more than 12 hours. In the toilet water “Eau de Toilette” the aromatic essence is only 10-20%, so the aroma lasts about 3 hours. The least persistent is cologne (Eau de Cologne), the content of the essence, in which it is only 10-12%.

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