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Festive decor today

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The time is close, when it will be necessary to blow off the dust from the old crates with Christmas decorations and clean the web from the garland, which is stored in the closet. Holidays on the nose. Early November and, although the snow has not yet fallen, we actively expect it, placing pictures in social networks with snowy streets, festive decor and count the days before the New Year. With the first snow, everyone will want to plunge into Christmas magic and that is why we decided to remind you in advance that we should not forget to find among jewelry and how to decorate your house for the New Year.

Remember that jewelry should not be difficult. Already in early November, you can start looking for useful links where you can buy Christmas decorations. And while December has not yet arrived, you can afford only a little of them. For example, no one will think you are too impatient if you make new snowflake bedding today, add some candles to the house and buy seasonal tablecloths. Garlands and snowflakes on the windows – it’s already December, but something from our list, you can start decorating today.

one. As soon as the time comes, you will first need to decorate the front door with a bright beautiful festive wreath. Although many have been hanging wreaths on their doors since September, these options symbolize autumn. You can choose an autumn wreath, and closer to the holidays, change it to a Christmas one.

2. The mailbox can be decorated with bright ribbon and decoration. If you’re afraid it might be stolen, put decoration stickers on your drawer.

3. Staircase. Never forget to decorate your stairwell if possible. The prekvortir space between the apartments must be decorated so that your neighbors feel your festive spirit.

four. If there is a table or shelves in the hallway, then it is worth hanging here not only the decor, but also install photos in the festive framework. In many foreign houses, socks are hung by the fireplace, but in the apartment version, where there is no fireplace, we advise you to come up with a way to hang Christmas socks in the hallway or hall. The mirror can also serve as a good platform for hanging jewelry.

5. You must decorate the stairs in a country house. Do not spare the money – buy a large fluffy garland for handrail decor.

6. Stock yourself with jewelry for the dining table, including a festive tablecloth, napkins, dishes and so on. Do not forget the decor for the backs of chairs.

7. In the bathroom, you can replace ordinary towels with seasonal ones and put the aroma.

eight. In the kitchen, put a bowl of brightly colored fruits, preferably a Christmas bowl. Winter fruits can look delicious and colorful on their own, but if you add seasonal ribbons, candles, and other decorations. By the way, simple vinyl stickers can be a great choice.

9. You can replace the bedding with new holiday options.

10 What would you suggest?? Tell us about your favorite holiday decor in the comments.

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