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Advantages of round logs

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The rounded log is quite reasonably considered the most common material for construction in our open spaces. Over the long centuries of using log houses, rounded logs have confidently proved their high practicality and convenience, and it is rounded logs that are among the people the true leader among popular types of wood building materials. The reason for the incredible demand for the log of logs is not only its accessibility, but also excellent technical qualities that are simply not inherent in other popular building materials.

The cheapness of the availability and prevalence of wood is perhaps the main reason for the amazing cheapness of any type of wood. Prices for raw material material are more democratic than for any other type of material, because wood in our latitudes has always been enough. Begins to seem more than logical. Due to this, compared to various types of stone or brick, you can buy a looply log.

The insulating properties of whole wood by nature have a very low thermal conductivity. The structure of the wood is incredibly dense, but at the same time rather fibrous, with an incredible amount of small microcapillary channels endowed with the ability to hold air. This means that log walls are a very reliable buffer against cold or heat. You, one hundred percent, have already noticed that in a log house in summer it is always a little cool, and in winter it is cozy and hot.

Environmental friendliness For many builders, the rounded log has long been a direct synonym for the highest environmental friendliness. The rounded log is an absolutely natural material that does not have any toxic substances, from which it is absolutely safe for the health of residents. Not only is the log completely harmless, but also the special tree resins contained in the wood have a positive effect on the well-being of residents and the indoor climate. Therefore, if the health of your family means something to you, buying a rounded log will be the best choice. You will definitely not find a material more natural than a log.

Aesthetics Naturally, one should not forget about the high aesthetics of round logs. Log houses seem very beautiful, as all logs have an exact shape and a striking natural pattern of natural fibers. The advantage of the galindowed log is that it does not require any finish, which is also accepted by savings.

The log of the log is not in vain considered one of the most effective building materials. Because more inexpensive and at the same time functional building material in the modern domestic market not to find it elementary.


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