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What is an attractive suburban life?

by chinanewsapp

Life outside the city is gaining more and more popularity. Why is this happening?  Why do people seek to purchase suburban real estate, and why it is so attractive.

Big cities are famous for their noise and constant movement. Everyone tends to get somewhere, everyone has a lot of things. And life turns into a big turmoil.  And everything would be fine, but sometimes you get very tired of it.  And since the city boils with life, the city apartment does not always help to completely distract from problems and relax to the whole coil.

In this regard, in large cities such as Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg, developers of Townhaus, cottages and other types of country real estate are pleased to offer a large choice. And this is not without reason, city life has its own shortcomings, which do not suit everyone.


Imagine, you return home by car after a hard day, you want to come and lie down to rest. But in order to get home, you are still looking for a place where to park your car closer, because in the morning not everyone wants to spend their strength and energy in order to get to the car. And this is additional stress. And as the first drawback – lack of parking spaces in front of the house.

If you live in an apartment building, then you are well familiar with how it what is it like to live with many neighbors literally through the wall. Someone may have repairs, someone has a small crying child, someone has a dog, bored, howling and waiting for the owners. All this is an additional noise that you can feel on yourself.

If we talk about security, how many people live in your city? And how many you know? And as you know, crime is not asleep. And in this regard, you can’t let one child take a walk in the yard again.

And the pollution of the city? Everyone knows perfectly and understand that the air within the city is much more contaminated and harder than in the near settlements.

You tried to drink water from under the crane? If you drink clean spring water, then you will completely feel the taste of water, and not various impurities that are added to the water in the city to clean it.

And these are only a couple of points that can irritate a certain number of people, so to speak.

It is for these reasons that many are looking for suburban real estate. Since you can calmly enjoy nature, listen to birds and noise of the wind. You can completely delve into your affairs and nothing will distract you. And also you will not worry about your car, since it will be in sight and your site will be your parking space, which will be available only to you. You can not worry about the safety of your children, since in villages, gardening, etc., everyone knows each other and crime is much lower.

If you want silence, calmness and peace, then the option of buying suburban real estate is exactly what you need.

Article author: representative of the project “Coastal Quarter” (Townhai in St. Petersburg)

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