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How to celebrate the new 2014 year of horse?

by chinanewsapp

New, 2014 – it will be the year of the horse. For this sign, the most beloved are blue, as well as green and black. The element of the horse is water, there is variability and dynamism, mobility in it. So, you need to celebrate this New Year unusual, original, bright and fun. A great gift for your relatives will be congratulations on the New Year in verses. Such a New Year’s surprise will delight everyone without exception.

On the festive table, there must be fish and other sea inhabitants – caviar, squid and shrimp, sea cabbage and other products will be very useful. Serve all the dishes luxuriously, cook them creatively, try to come up with a whole landscape or drawing. Can be cut into small pieces of eel. In addition, the horse loves rabbit or hare meat, so prepare dishes with various ingredients from them, add your favorite spices. Soft and tasty rabbit meat goes well with white wine. Potato and coconut are perfect for such a treat.

Horses do not like excess noise and constant movement. Therefore, the best solution would be to celebrate this New Year with the family. Invite relatives and friends, your friends, relax, forget about problems and worries, remember something interesting. Have fun and enjoy this wonderful holiday. Do not forget to give everyone present congratulations on the new year of the horse by writing them on beautiful New Year’s cards.

If you celebrate the New Year not with your family, but with your beloved man, then let this holiday become the most romantic. Go to another city or country – here the atmosphere itself is saturated with romance and beauty. An excellent solution would be to go to Prague or Amsterdam, Venice. Order a table in a small restaurant for two – fragrant dishes, candles and pleasant music, and only you are together. Continue the romance in the hotel room, order a little food, champagne and candles there and celebrate further. On this holiday, you can enjoy the communication and society of each other.

If such pleasure is not affordable for you, then go out of town, to the village or to the cottage, take off the house in the forest. An excellent atmosphere for the celebration of the New Year will be silence and brilliance of snow, the sky strewn with stars. Dress the Christmas tree, play snowballs, start the fireworks and explode the crackers, you can even play Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. Construct the chimes of the chimes, make a desire.

A great solution for this holiday will be winter barbecue in the forest. Such a vacation will deliver the most vivid emotions and impressions, will bring satisfaction to everyone without exception.

In general, the main thing is that you should be fun and comfortable, comfortable – in most cases it all depends on the company, so you will decide in advance with whom you will celebrate this is the best and kind holiday.

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