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What destroys wooden floors

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Parquet floors are synonymous with stylish interiors, but they require special care in comparison with any other options. In addition to the fact that the wooden floors need to be good to care for, there are a number of things that should not be done. Certain cases of daily routine, which you are used to doing on a regular basis, destroy your floors, and you do not even know about it. Read this article to find out what destroys wooden floors.

one. Lack of court rug

Just imagine that on the sole of your shoes you wear sandpaper. What you bring from the street (dirt, dust, pebbles, etc.) is harmful to your gender. Even if you take off shoes at the entrance, and do not go in it on the parquet, you can put on the slippers to which the dirt brought from the street will stick and the effect will be the same.

2. Attempts to fix the carpet on the floor

You put the carpet at the sofa, and after two seconds, it has already shifted towards the TV. After some time, you are tired of correcting it and you are trying to glue it to the floor. We recommend that you confront any desire to do it. Sticky adhesive tape or glue will damage the floor surfaces, and when trying to remove it, you will pull the varnish and paint of the wooden floor with it. The same applies to cases when you shed sticky drinks on the carpet. Do not leave everything as it is until the surface dries and the carpet sticks together with parquet.

3. Lack of pads under the legs of furniture

When you sit on a chair, a chair, a sofa and even a bed, a large or slight slide of its legs on the floor surface occurs on the surface of the floor. After a certain time, you will face serious wear of the parquet in the area of ​​the furniture. This applies not only to interior items on which you are sitting, but also of tables and other products that are in contact with the floor and are subject to at least rare, but move. In order to prevent damage to the floor, so that the overlays under the legs of the furniture are used. They cost a penny and they can be purchased even in ordinary hypermarkets.

four. Incorrect lamp washing

Many people wash the floors with a lot of water. Water seeps down into the seams of the floor and accumulates under it. This can cause problems with parquet. In order to wash the floor correctly, first it needs to be sprinkled. If you use cleaning products when washing floors, then you need to make sure that they are suitable for wood.

5. Do not immediately pay attention to problems

People, as a rule, tend to start panic after the problem happened. A small number of people from the very beginning of the installation of a parquet floor, decides to care for it correctly. And this is the main reason for damage to the tree. Do not wait for the most passing areas to be completely erased. Place the carpets in these areas and when even light scratches appear, polish them slightly and apply a small layer of coating on top.

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