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Diets and proper nutrition for the youth of the skin

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Perhaps you belong to those lucky ones whom parents gave elastic healthy skin (in many ways this hereditary factor). But even if this is not so, you still should not fall into despondency. How can you quickly destroy beautiful skin with an incorrect way of life, so you can also maintain in a tone that is not even perfect, thanks to proper nutrition.

What to exclude

Let’s start, oddly enough, not with what should be eaten, but from that – what to exclude. Maybe it’s no secret, but it will not hurt to remind. Forget it at all, and do not remember that there is “fast food” in the world. This is a direct synonym for “quick aging”. It is from various hamburgers, a large amount of a million times overflowing oil, the skin fits literally before our eyes.

Among the products, the number of which must be sharply and mercilessly reduced:

Coffee. Replace green tea and juices.

Carbonated, especially – not natural drinks.

Cakes, cakes and other sweets, or replace with natural.

Fatty meat, in particular – pork.

What to eat

Namely – to eat, and not intercept “on the knees” or on the run. So, we eat calmly and relaxed, enjoying the process, without “sticking” into the computer, newspaper, book, and even without unnecessary conversations! You need to think about food, thereby the body produces digestive enzymes better and selects everything necessary from food.

And now about what exactly we eat in order to maintain youthful skin as long as possible.

Leafy vegetables. The most effective – spinach and cabbage broccoli. Luthein in their composition literally rejuvenates the skin. About 100 g of spinach and 60 g of cabbage you need to use.

Add hyaluronic acid. Most of this anti -proof substance in legumes. Per day 2 tablespoons of puree from beans or peas enough.

If you are not a vegetarian, then consume meat no more than 3 times a week. Best if it is a turkey. This meat contains “anti -aging protein” – carnosine.

Flaxseed (as well as oil) should be added daily to salads, to meat, side dishes. It is one of the main “suppliers” of omega-3-acids that support the skin in good shape.

Protect prunes and blueberries from aging (at the same time from free radicals). In addition, prunes help with constipation, and they also contribute to the decrepit of the skin. You need to get rid of slags regularly!

Red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. All of them contains Anthocyanin pigment. He is responsible for production in the skin of collagen. In addition, these plants create a living barrier on the path of ultraviolet rays. In the first place here – beets. Red pepper (acute and sweet), carrots, apricots (especially Uryuk – apricots dried with a bone) are also very useful.

Experts also advise drinking olive oil, bitter chocolate, gerry berries. And add to proper nutrition a feasible physical exercise. Preferably in the fresh air.

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