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British pavilion Studio Heatherwick

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Since 2010, the Shanghai world EXPO at a distance of less than forty days now, the work quickly ends in the international set of pavilions to decorate the city for the expected visitors. Two hundred countries participate, and one of the most interesting contributions is the British pavilion developed by Studio Heatherwick from London. Designed to present the theme of EXPO, “the best city, the best life,” the Headerwick united with the British Bank of Semen to create a seed cathedral. The building was made up of 60,000 acrylic rods that mount tens of thousands of seeds in the building, all to contribute to the efforts to preserve the UK seeds. The pavilion is approaching completion, and these 70 million visitors to Shanghai will soon have access to this intriguing pavilion and have a chance to find out about the conservation efforts to protect and save seeds. In partnership with the Bank of the Millennium of Kew British, the largest project to preserve the plant in the world, Heatherwick has collected tens of thousands of seeds. Several seeds each then encapsulate in acrylic rods, which a project from the building can shake softly with a breeze. The seeds of profit from the bank of idioplasm of wild varieties, the Kunmin Botanika Institute, the Chinese Academy of Sciences in China, and the project of the Millennium of Kew, and arrived from seed reserves, which were easily accessible and numerous.

Extraordinary pavilion – six stories of a high cube, which is a little like a dangerous prickly gear type of torture. Close, although acrylic rods are much more thin and beautiful. During the day, the rods will act as optical threads pulling light outside into the inside. Then at night the internal lights will operate the opposite path through the rods to illuminate the inside. The environment surrounding the building will be similar to part of the detailed paper, which recently wrapped the entire building.

Visitors to the pavilion will gain access through a series of passes surrounded by content, which depicts the role of nature in British cities, in the past, also represented in the future. Thomas Hiterwick, said about his pavilion, “our task is to force the British pavilion to stand out. We decided to do this, making one extraordinary object; not recognized in the standard periods established in calm, open the site. Each visitor will be able to explore both of them in their own way. Instead of making a direct announcement for the UK, we want our pavilion to give each person a deeper understanding of the wealth of modern British culture.”

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