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Carpet washing – to whom to turn for help?

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Maintaining in the house cleanliness and comfort – this is the main task of any mistress. After all, not only the quality of our life depends on this, but also our health and the health of our children. Daily wet cleaning is possible for each housewife, but cleaning carpets is sometimes an excessive task. But it is still necessary to wash the carpets at least once a year, otherwise dust mites will begin to multiply in them, except for dust and dirt deposits. Which in turn will provide the whole family with allergies and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. No one wants to do such a turn of events.

So, in the carpet and carpets, the mass of dust and microorganisms accumulates, with which even the most powerful vacuum cleaner is unable to control. And the removal of all kinds of stains with the help of household chemicals does have the “reverse side of the coin”: all the dirt remains on the inside of the carpet, which, as a rule, no one processes at home, or insufficiently well-washed detergents that remain on the surface, contribute to more rapid contamination. Plus, some carpet cleaners contain such fragrances that after cleaning the carpets, at least you want to move to another place of residence. Familiar?

In such cases, it would be most correct to seek help from professionals who provide cleaning services (from the English. “clean” – to clean) services. And now in more detail.

Cleaning companies carry out washing of such heavy and bulky items as carpets and rugs, using the latest technologies and using high-quality chemicals that are not available for purchase in ordinary household chemical stores. These tools allow you to effectively clean surfaces from dirt and remove stains from the outside and inside of the product. Wet washing and deodorization of carpets is carried out in specialized machines using detergents. Then they are dried and packed.

But there are so many different companies on the market that provide cleaning services for carpets and furniture. Who better to contact? How to determine where are the professionals and where are the scammers? As a rule, the list of carpet washing services includes a visit to the client’s home in order to make a conclusion about the possibility of providing services and transport the product to the cleaning shop. A decent company will never offer you to deliver your cargo to them yourself. But that’s not the point.

Not all carpets are suitable for wet cleaning. For example, silk carpets, wool, jute, linen products need only dry cleaning. Cleaning companies do not provide such services, and if they are really professionals who value their name, you will be advised to contact a dry cleaning factory, where all dirt is removed from carpets using specialized equipment using special solvents.

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