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Tired of swelling? Hardware procedures will easily save you from this unpleasant problem!

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How often happens that you wake up in the morning, approach the mirror, look at your blurry reflection and fall into a state of mild mental shock? Or, for example, in the evening, going to visit, painfully trying to put on your feet that suddenly become narrow -minded model shoes. Have you ever used a bar of soap before bed to remove your favorite ring from your finger?? Of course, swelling, who are so sincerely and deservedly hate almost all women, are to blame for all your misfortunes!

There are a lot of recommendations on how to cope with this problem, but, frankly, to use folk recipes to fight edema – this is to follow the path of Don Quixote, fighting with windmills. Folk remedies such as ice under the eyes and grated potatoes give only a temporary, very unstable and purely external result. After all, they do not affect the molecular systems of the body and internal organs, do not contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, lymphocotor and the removal of excess fluid. And without the normalization of these deep physiological processes, getting rid of swelling of the face and limbs is simply not provided possible. Especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, love the salty and drink in large quantities tea or coffee.

But there is still a way out. The latest hardware methods for treating edema, as well as laser hair removal, give a steady therapeutic effect. There are quite a lot of such techniques, today, and all of them are very effective, absolutely painless and, very important, multifunctional. For example, such an innovative procedure as press therapy is perfectly able to cope not only with cosmetic edema, but also with obesity and cellulite; And vacuum-roller massage perfectly relieves swelling of the limbs, evens out the relief of the skin on the face and body.

Another procedure merciless to edema is microcurrent therapy. Weak current pulses instantly speed up blood circulation, stimulate the operation of internal organs, give an impetus to the output of excess fluid from the intercellular space. In addition, it has already been proven that microcurrents have a pronounced anti -ade -envelope (anti -aging) effect. It is worth noting that all of the above procedures are not only completely painless, but also very pleasant: they incomparably help to relax and relieve nervous tension!

As a rule, a course of 5-10 procedures is enough to completely remove swelling on the face and body. However, when you contact a specialized cosmetology salon, your cosmetologist will definitely select for you the type of hardware procedures and the number of sessions that you preferably go through to forget about these ugly edema for a very long time!

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