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Honeymoon in Moscow

by chinanewsapp

The honeymoon is a gold time for the bride and groom. Tiring pre -wedding chores behind, nervous tension before the ceremony passed, and now the couple can completely enjoy the feelings for each other. In order for this vacation to be especially wonderful, it is best to change the situation and temporarily turn off the phones and break any connection with friends.

If you do not have the opportunity to go abroad, this is not a reason to be upset and dialed, since you can always come up with something. For example, while in your native Moscow, you can easily change the situation if you temporarily move from the apartment to the hotel. Read the reviews about the Radishchevskaya hotel on Taganka Hotelrussiamoscowid163613gostinitsa_radischevskay_na_taganke or any other, see photos of numbers, study the menu offered by the restaurant of the institution. Of course, it is not at all necessary to live in a hotel room for a month, because even a small weekend with champagne and strawberries in the room you will like it unusually. Agreeing with the administrator, specify that you need a number for the newlyweds (a number of establishments offers special favorable conditions for newly -minted families).

Being Muscovites and having managed to see absolutely all the sights of this wonderful city, you can still have a great time. Romantic night walks, riding on carousels and a river tram, watching films in the cinema – all these seemingly banal things during the honeymoon are purchased by a special charm. A storm of positive emotions will deliver to you a visit to the Moscow zoo and feeding animals (pre -stock up for animals in sufficient quantities). Wanting to capture your honeymoon in memory for the whole life and reading reviews about the hotel, the hands of Hotelrussiamoscowid5541gostinitsa_rusotel-2 or any other, study the interior for a luxurious photo shoot from the photographs. It is better if it is with humor, then the pictures will cause happy smiles for many years for many years.

Freed from work and other things for some time, you can devote yourself to travel. Of course, these will be trips not to other countries, but to neighboring cities, many of which are also worthy of your attention. For the organization, you can contact any travel agency or draw up a guided route on your own by spending a couple of hours before the Internet.

Remember that the honeymoon is a time when you should not think about any difficulties. Enjoy this period, take the opportunity to enjoy just from the presence of each other.

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