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Terraces, decking and outdoor decking: trendy uses in 2017

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Terraces remain in vogue. They are built for gatherings on the street near the house, as a place for barbecue and as a platform for a summer dining area. However, terrace boards and other types of outdoor flooring are not always purchased for laying terraces, and the terraces themselves are now being made differently than before.

From our article you will learn about all the most fashionable ways of arranging terraces and using decking and other types of outdoor decking.

one. Curves in vogue. This means that instead of rectangular terraces, it is now popular to make terraces with uneven edges, but the biggest trend is semi-circular terraces.

2. Terrace lighting and heating elements are also in demand. Floor mounted lights add a certain charm not only to surfaces and the home, but also function as a safety feature. As for heating, ceramic heaters for the terrace and the so-called fire pits (this is something like an outdoor fireplace, but cheaper) received special attention here.

3. Consumers are investing more and more in decking materials – protection from the sun, water, shuffling, etc.d. This increases the service life of the terrace, that is, it neutralizes the need for constant repair and replacement of boards.

four. Street flooring has become more commonly used inside houses and even in apartments. In urban living space, decking is mainly laid on balconies, but in the interior of a country house it is laid almost everywhere, with the exception of bedrooms and living rooms. In houses built according to fashionable projects, the kitchen may have an unexpected continuation on the street (for example, separated by windows-doors made in the form of an accordion), and in this case, the street flooring smoothly flows into the kitchen.

5. Those who decide to add a terrace to an old house often turn to designers who can make a 3D project on a computer for help. Tools of this type allow you to visualize the design and evaluate the final result in advance.

6. For some incredible reason, gray outdoor decking is on the rise. Previously, all terraces were brown, and manufacturers even made wood imitations in wooden shades with digital printing, which allows you to repeat the pattern of natural wood.  Gray used to be considered an uninteresting neutral tone in the flooring market, but now many companies are starting to release more products in the gray palette because demand for it is growing.

7. Terrace board with quick installation function sells better. This trend has a simple explanation: everyone wants to finish work faster.

eight. Times have changed and more and more people are choosing composite decking over real wood decking. The latter are easier to deform, while composite materials retain their shape and shape for many years. In addition, the composite board is better able to withstand harsh conditions such as snowy and cold winters.

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