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You will have a child planning a boy!

by chinanewsapp

Having planned the child, my wife and I decided in advance what gender the child will be. Many will say they say the first -born do not choose, but for us it has values ​​since we believe that each of our actions should be agreed and thought out. Finally deciding on the child’s sex, we turned to the clinic in our city for advice.

We live in a small town, and for doctors it was somewhat surprising. I had to find everything on the network. Studying the planning of the floor, we compiled a certain instructions for conception. Before copulation, a couple of days was in a certain harmony. I did not attend the gym, I was not at work, I did not drink. We made conception before ovulation. If you believe the source, then all these factors should affect chromosomes, and we have a boy to be born.

The planned procedure was done several times, and after a couple of weeks the indicator showed two strips. Long months of waiting began. While the fetus developed, we were engaged in aerobics (of course, permissible and useful for pregnant women), went to the pool. Increased the number of walks and campaigns to the forest. We went to the country, though without barbecue. We regulated the nutrition, accurately calculated the amount of carbohydrates of proteins and fats consumed by the body taking into account all the requirements of the baby. I also followed the diet with my wife because it is not beautiful to eat meat on her and force her to follow a diet. Our efforts gave success, and on an ultrasound examination showed that we would have a long -awaited boy. But we all know how often the ultrasound is mistaken. The expectation of the baby turned into a test for me. Permanent diet, care for my wife, cleaning and other worries incredibly exhausted me in these 9 months. And finally childbirth! Our Seryozha was born 3600 grams of a healthy baby with dark hair. Now he is already a year old and he successfully calls me dad and the dog – Bubak.

Is it worth considering that the son was born precisely because of planning ? Maybe it is, but still do not forget that each person has his own physiological characteristics.

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