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Suitable size and other tiles for a small bathroom

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Many designers are asked which tiles are best used in a small bathroom. And this is a rather difficult question, because it all depends directly on how this small space looks like. If you do not know what a bathroom tile should be in your house, then try to focus on what effect you want to get.

If you, like most people with small bathrooms, want to increase the space visually, then you should resort to several methods at once, and not just the selection of the right tile. Firstly, you need to refuse furniture, which looks massive, in favor of light furniture (it may also be necessary to refuse the cabinet and replace it with a regular pedestal). Some families are advised that the wall finish has a texture that is stretching vertically (for example, ceramic tiles with a pattern of vertical lines), while other families are advised, on the contrary, horizontal decoration (for example, long horizontal rectangular tiles). It all depends on the type of room, so you can’t say for sure what suits you. But many small rooms recommend an open space without closing cabinets (open shelves, niches instead of cabinets, etc.P.).

The size of ceramic tiles in the bathroom can be completely different. When making a decision on the choice of the type of tile, you need to focus on decisions adopted in relations of other things. For example, in a well -lit room with a high ceiling, it is better to give the advantage a square tile, and in the bathroom, in which there are many corners and curves, it is better to give preference to small tiles or even mosaic.

Large floor tiles are usually positioned as a good choice for small bathrooms, because it visually increases the space, since there are fewer seams between tiles. Such large tiles in tiny bathrooms are often combined with hanging shells.

You can choose tiles of any color, depending on the illumination and type of your room. But remember that neutral colors are perfectly combined with bright details, such as towels or bath accessories. So if you like to constantly change something (the shower requires a constant change of interior), then the easiest way to give preference to the decoration of neutral colors, and then change the interior, changing the bright decor and individual elements, such as the frame of the mirror, towels or holder of the dentists.

If a small bathroom does not have enough natural light (that is, in most cases when there is no window in the bathroom), then it is best to use white furniture and maximum backlight. Reflecting the surfaces of ceramic tiles in this case is the most perfect solution. You can combine gray polished floor tiles with shiny wall tiles and light furniture.

Mosaic is also good for small bathrooms. Especially if it is a brilliant and iridescent mosaic.

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