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We form a regular garden path

by chinanewsapp

Before we get to work, we decide which form of a small path we would like to see in our well -groomed garden. Directly gives the blooming garden severity, as well as, intersecting, they will smash the site into separate zones (you can fully decorate them in a completely different style, as well as receive in one bottle, a Japanese small kindergarten, English park). And very winding narrow paths naturally fit into the landscape, can be the very peculiar highlight that the flowering garden helps to have its own face. However, under each small path, it is necessary to prepare the base.

The required materials, tools:

one. a lace or a rope (the meter is dependent on the length of the small path);

2. pegs;

3. axe;

four. shovel;

5. roulette;

6. level;

7. tamping or ordinary garden skating rink; So that the garden path is exactly what you are and you want to see use the measuring devices of the company “Technopribor” LLC. High quality at affordable price.


Take a very long lace, lay directly on the ground the approximate route of a small path. Let’s go right along the cord: the most very attractive views of your beautiful garden should open from a narrow path. However, in a strong desire for beauty, we do not forget that a small path should lead somewhere: to a traditional bath, a small barn or a small gazebo.

We install the marking pegs right along the cord and, accordingly, stretch the lace between them. The more rather a rather winding narrow path, the more you need peels.

We are determined with the width of the narrow path, in the 2nd row of pegs. So that 2 people can go along a small path nearby, the width should be around 90 centimeters. In order to carry a wheelbarrow along a small track, add another 50 centimeters.

Eliminate plants within the guide lines, as well as natural stones. We remove the highest layer of soil. And if it so happened that a small path passes along a small lawn, we plan it so that the coating is two centimeters lower than the level of the surrounding soil, otherwise the sharp knives of the braids will be damaged with the mowing.

A small path for walking do not need a particularly strong basis. Meticulous sealing the lowest layer of soil with a tamping or ordinary garden roller. We check the exact horizontal of the base with a level laid on a fairly long wood rail. If the area has a rather complicated relief, we follow so that the very bottom repeats all all sorts of biases.

We remove the guides of the pegs – the base is already ready for paving a small track, what kind of material we have not chosen for this: asphalt, strong tiles, brick block, medium -sized gravel or natural stone.

For a richer, noble species it would be nice to use decorative art forging to build beautiful forged expositions.

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