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I mount the ventilation of the attic with our own hands

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The attic ventilation is an important point in the design of the house, because the safety of heat and energy depends on it. The attic ventilation is very important at any time of the year and it is not worth neglecting it.


To begin with, we note that proper ventilation in the attic provides a large amount of energy saving. In summer, an improperly ventilated attic can warm up to a temperature of 160 degrees! All this is the heat from the attic is transferred to the dwelling and it heats it accordingly. In such cases, the air conditioner has to use the air conditioner much longer than the usual. Hence the economy of energy does not come. In the absence of air conditioning, summer will simply not be carried out for you. DIY attic ventilation will help to save your funds significantly and make a comfortable life.

Ventilation in the winter time of the year is also important. In winter, ventilation of the attic space performs a slightly different goal. Poor ventilation will certainly lead to an increase in moisture in the attic. Moisture in winter can bring a lot of trouble. The temperature in the attic depends on the weather on the street and the house and due to the temperature difference, the water contained in the air is condensed in the form of water. During the winter, this water constantly changes its condition. The dampness that forms at the same time spoils metal or wooden floors. Mold and various types of fungi can also develop. The roof, poorly ventilated attic, is more susceptible to sticking snow, which will lead to increased load on the design of the entire roof. The ventilation principle is reduced to constant air circulation to preserve it fresh, as well as to maintain the required humidity.

Cold attic ventilation.

In the cold attic, ventilation is made due to holes that suck clean air. Polluted (spent) air is eliminated between the clearances of slopes and auditory windows. For ventilation of the space under the roof, special fans or facade front -iron outlets are used. With the help of them, the attic is well ventilated and protected by a net from various kinds of insects and birds. The use of such fans excludes a place with stagnant air.

How to do ventilation in the attic? The vents are made of high quality PVC. They are installed on the facades of buildings for ventilation in attics. The outlets neatly executed in design will be perfectly combined with various types of facades of the house. The use of ventilation of the attic will avoid in multilayer roofing of high humidity and condensation and in the cold season. Dry attic will retain the roof from damage associated with great moisture.

The ventilation holes can be made in the form of a gap or hole. It is more rational to place these holes in the cornice of the wall on the window axis. Cadetless slit holes accelerate the warming up of the areas above the cornices of the roof, this will help to avoid icing on gutters.

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