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Mulberry clothing collection

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The British capital was held in Fashion Week, at which the famous fashion brand Mulberry demonstrated its new collection, which proved that the title of the best British brand in the Lux class was received by him quite justified.

The collection shown to mulberry looked very romantic, feminine and gently. Its main feature was the use of pastel colors and floral prints combined with a classic style.

Despite the romance of the line itself, on its dear appearance, it is devoid of excessive sweetness, as well as a raid of cloying and pathos, often accompanying such a style. Clothing from this collection turned out to be very restrained, mainly in plain gamut. But their execution of leather, complemented by strict styles of the classical style, made outfits exclusively charming, with special chic. At the same time, there is no puppy, sometimes found in romantic collections, in the spring-summer clothing of Mulberry.

Touching upon the details, we can say that outfits made using flower prints that created an interesting and non -banal combination with metallized fabrics were responsible for romance in the collection. And the real pearls of the show were outfits made in peppermint shades.

Not without evening silk dresses that look very elegant and even a little frivolous, despite the black color. The latter managed to achieve with the help of translucent material, in the appearance of a weightless and some kind of “flying”.

In addition to beautiful clothes, Mulberry introduced various accessories to the public – handbags and shoes. If we talk about the first, they are made in the general style of the collection, with the active use of delicate and pastel colors. In addition, they have large sizes – which is very practical – and laconic forms. The shoes of the new collection from Mulberry should have a high heel and combine the color with a handbag.

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