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Bouquets for men. The art of composing a bouquet of flowers

by chinanewsapp

The tradition has long been firmly included in our lives to present flowers to women, but bouquets for men can also be a great gesture of attention. There are rules for compiling bouquets. If you purchase flowers in a flower store or seek help in the floristry salon, then professionals will do everything for you, you just have to say who the bouquet is for and what is the case of presenting. But if you decide to make it yourself, then you need to take into account many subtleties, from the moment of cutting the flower to the moment of presentation. It is recommended to cut flowers at dawn, first in a few days watering them abundantly. The cut of the flower must be made at an angle with a sharp knife, then put the flower in the water (preferably distilled, melt or rain). When compiling a bouquet for a man, the following features must be taken into account: a bouquet of flowers for a man should have an elongated shape and consist of flowers on a long stem, the number of colors should be odd, the bottom of the bouquet is made of large colors, and the top – from smaller ones. More details here. The quantity has a certain value: a bouquet from one flower symbolizes attention, of three – respect, a bouquet of five flowers is a symbol of recognition, from seven – a symbol of love. In the case of presentation of flowers, a man is allowed that a woman gives flowers only to a man much older than herself and if he is a birthday man or an anniversary. Flowers in pots are given only if you are sure that a man loves them very much. In personal relations of a man and a woman, it is difficult to follow the rules under the influence of feelings, so if you are wondering how to warm up a love relationship, you can resort to such a sweet and original solution as a bouquet of flowers for your beloved man.

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