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5 ways to speed up hair growth

by chinanewsapp

Now on the street you can increasingly find beauties with luxurious curls to the waist. But how to get such beauty? Hair grows into 1 per month.5 – 2 cm, but there are ways to speed up the process.

Method 1 – we monitor our nutrition

Since hair receives nutrition from our body, their beauty and health depend on certain trace elements consumed. The main builder, actively involved in the formation of new cells – protein. So its main sources – fish, meat and dairy products should firmly settle in your daily diet. Fat Omega of acids contained in linseed and olive oil and zinc, the source of which are fruits, beef and, oddly enough, chocolate will also help to accelerate hair growth. And for a greater acceleration of the process, you can purchase special complexes of vitamins for hair and nails.

Method 2 – do not forget to take care of the hair

To make the hair grow faster, it is very important that it breaks smaller and scream. Therefore, be sure to use balm and air conditioning after washing your hair, and apply a special moisturizer to the ends. It is advisable not to dry the hair with a hairdryer, and if you have to make hot styling, then it is imperative to use thermal protection products. With a long stay in the sun, be sure to apply a sunscreen on the hair to avoid drying the curl. Also look at professional masks and shampoos that accelerate hair growth, but be sure to study the composition of the product and read reviews so as not to make a mistake with the choice.

Method 3 – Home Hair Masks

Often simple natural masks, as well as natural shampoos with your own hands, can help you more than the most expensive store. Two main methods are pepper mask and mustard, contributing to an increase in blood flow to the scalp. It is important to keep them for no more than 30 minutes and use for oily hair twice a week, and for dry only one.

Method 4 – haircut

Once every three months you need to cut your hair a little. In this case, you can use such a procedure as hair polishing. It allows you to remove the ended ends along the entire length, cutting down no more than 0.8 cm. After cutting, the hair usually begins to grow more intensively.

Method 5 – keep calm

Nothing harms hair health as stress. So try not to be nervous for trifles and pay much attention to how much centimeters of the industry your curls. A good mood and a calm attitude to everything that happens will help you become the owner of a braid that Rapunzel herself can envy!

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