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How to deal with vandals that constantly painting the facade of your building?

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What to do if the building of your store or company is constantly exposed to vandals (graffiti, damage to property, inscriptions on the walls, etc.P.)?

If someone painted your building with paints or damaged in some other way, then he committed an act of vandalism, which is described in Article 214 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Depending on what vandalism is associated with, he could be punished either with a fine or correctional, or a restriction of freedom for up to 3 years.

If the graffitors simply painted the building belonging to you, then you can apply to the prosecutor’s office, and if there is evidence, they will be a fine for vandalism. You can also sue vandals, demanding compensation for material damage and elimination of graffiti. You can write a statement to the prosecutor’s office on vandals, if you think that they have made their act for political reasons, ideological, racial, national motives or in view of religious hatred or enmity (or any other hostility to a particular social group or you personally). In this case, with evidence of their guilt, they can be imprisoned.

If someone ruined your building, but you do not know who did it, but want to punish the perpetrator – try to hire a private detective. If there are at least some clues capable of finding a criminal, then the detective is your chance to get to the bottom of the truth. Police will rarely investigate such crimes, although it will help you detain the criminal when you have evidence of his guilt. The evidence collected by the detective will serve your trial.

In court, you can oblige the perpetrators to pay for graffiti removal from your building or compensation for the restoration of the facade that you made yourself.

You can hire a company of highly specialized persons engaged in the repair of walls, painted graffiti. You can also simply paint over graffiti on your own.

Graffiti can not only be painted, but also clean. Some technologies allow you to restore damaged infrastructures by special cleaning methods, however, ordering buildings from graffiti is more expensive than just repainting the facade.

Restoration workshops that are repairing facades can restore the building damaged by vandals. Nevertheless, if the building is initially old and needs special care, you should look for specialists of a higher level. In this case, sandblasting or other aggressive form of wall cleaning from inscriptions and drawings can be dangerous for walls.

If graffiti appears on your wall constantly, it makes sense to install surveillance cameras. When they do not help, it is worth hiring a guard. There is a chance that someone purposefully paints your building, and in this case, the guard will be able to help you find the criminal and hand him to the police.

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