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How to deal with nasal congestion

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Free breathing seems to be a natural process while a person is healthy. But you just have to appear a cold, allergies, and with them – and nasal congestion, as the quality of life is significantly violated. A person becomes irritable, sleeps poorly, often snoring, headaches occur. Here you will find information about the causes of this phenomenon and treatment methods.

Particularly poorly affected by nasal congestion on babies and pregnant women. Children who lack oxygen develop worse intellectually, they often reveal a delay in physical development, speech defects and visual impairment.

During pregnancy, the future mother may not even pay attention to the fact that she had a nose, and the baby will not be catastrophically not to get oxygen, which may affect his development.

The most common causes of nasal congestion:

viral diseases;

allergic or vasomotor rhinitis;

dry mucous membrane in the cold season;


curvature of the partition, nose injuries;

adenoids and their inflammation – adenoiditis;

sinusitis, sinusitis;

Changing the hormonal background, taking some medicines.

And these are not all possible reasons, therefore, to establish an accurate diagnosis, you should definitely visit a doctor.

What can you do?

It is undesirable to use vasoconstrictor drops for a long time, this can lead to hypertrophy of the mucous membrane. The optimal period of use of these funds is no more than a week. Subsequently, it is necessary to switch to other medicines.

Salt. They can be done at home, for this half a teaspoon of salt (better than sea) is diluted in a glass of water. Mineral water without gas is also suitable as a therapeutic agent.

Currently, various sprays based on mineral water are sold in the pharmacy, they are allowed to use even small children. They are convenient in that a special nozzle allows you to evenly distribute the drug through the mucous membrane.

The use of air humidifiers helps many. The fact is that dry air in the room negatively affects the mucous membranes. However, there is no consensus among doctors about the safety of these devices, so it is a short period of time to use moisturizers to recover.

Inhalations with eucalyptus oil. A few drops are enough, they are added to a kettle with hot water. Inhalations are carried out through a home -made funnel from thick paper for 10 minutes.

Camparal oil helps to relieve breathing. To do this, it is heated and mixed in equal parts with peach or almond oil. A mixture of oils into the area of ​​maxillary and frontal sinuses is rubbed in circular movements, this procedure is also carried out for 10 minutes.

Other means of combating nasal congestion; Massage of the nose and wings of the nose, physiotherapy.

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