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7 fashionable images

by chinanewsapp

No. 1. Cream tenderness. Incredibly fashionable cream color in this season looks great on both brunettes and blondes. Choose a gentle, but sexy dress of light fabrics, complement the image with accessories to color. Shiny jewelry will look great: ideally – diamonds, but jewelry is also suitable.

No. 2. Minnie Mouse. A costume party is a wonderful option to spend the day of all lovers! A short red polka dot dress Minnie Mouse with a leather kosukha – in this form you will definitely meet your Valentine. And don’t forget about red shoes!

Number 3. Elegant laconicism. Nothing superfluous – a perfectly tight -fitting dress of bright color, voluminous accessories, original high -heeled shoes and a small clutch. Stylish classic with a defiant element in the form of a dress on one shoulder.

No. 4. Non -traditional classic. A little black dress is a recognized classic that can be slightly changed on the occasion of February 14. Stop your choice not on a purely black dress, but on an interesting option with a magnificent skirt. Black sandals with rhinestones and pebbles in the ears – the perfect image is ready.

No. 5. Lady in Red. Red – the color of love, passion and crazy desire. Want to be in the spotlight? Put on a bright satin red dress! Do not forget about shiny jewelry that emphasize the splendor of your eyes.

No. 6. An outfit of the bride. Make your loved one “thin hint” – put on a dress in the style of the bride. A light beige dress with open shoulders, unusual accessories with a variation of one detail (bow, for example) and tone shoes – seeing you in this form, a man may want to make an offer, which cannot be abandoned.

No. 7. “Malinka Malinka”.A bright raspberry dress can only choose a confident woman. Complete the image with bright lipstick, bag and shoes (you can do a few tones darker or lighter than the dress) – this is how the fatal woman looks like.

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