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5 compulsory objects of garden inventory

by chinanewsapp

There are a huge number of tools and equipment that simplify work with the landscape and garden on the suburban area. However, among the whole variety, there are some inventory items that should be bought at first of all. So, if you just got a summer house or decided to equip an existing site, but do not know where to start, go to the store and buy tools that you will read about in this article.

Depending on which garden you grow, your barn, ultimately, can be equipped with various tools. Your technique may even differ from the technique of your neighbors. A number of equipment are often rented only because it is more economical. Garden technique is acquired by large companies, and then they hand over it to summer residents or landscape designers for rental, which is beneficial for both the first and second. By the way, Nikkey sells in bulk in Moscow gasoline generators, lawn mowers, saws, cultivators, as well as gasoline and electric trimmers.

But there are several tools that almost every gardener must have at their disposal constantly. These five essential items are for the garden:

one. Hand rake

This simple tool is useful not only for racing leaves on the site, but also for loosening the soil. The best version of the material for the nozzle with the teeth is stainless steel or aluminum, as well as any other material that is quite strong, so as not to break and confront corrosion.

2. Garden Savka

This is a small garden spatula that you will use to break the mud and dig small holes. Look for a strong stalk in the form of a whole structure, where the handle and the working part are combined. The handle, by the way, should be comfortable – if you use a lot of this tool, then your hands do not need corns.

3. Shovel

Keep in mind that there are several options for shovels. Depending on the type of task, you need either a model with a pointed nose, or more square.  It is better, of course, to have both options, but if you just tune in a summer cottage, purchase a garden shovel that is most convenient in your sensations.

four. Gardening scissors

It may seem illogical to you, but your garden will require a lot of cutting. Removing dead flowers, circumcision of plants. It would be nice to invest in several pairs – scissors for cutting stems and larger scissors for more complex work. Choose the models that you are convenient to hold in your hands.

5. Gloves

You will need garden gloves that are also different. In general, you need gloves in order to protect your hands from friction, blisters, as well as chemicals.

Before buying certain tools, consider your needs. In general, the objects that we talked about in this article are an integral part of the life of almost all summer residents. The Portal Project Rodger wants you to get a lot of joy from working in the garden.

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