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Diesel generators (DES) PowerLink

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Diesel PowerLink generators are made by the Power Link Machine Co International Corporation., LTD, uniting 4 plants on three different continents with a head enterprise in the UK. The main production of PowerLink generators is located in China. The corporation performs a full cycle of the production of diesel generators, which are equipped with Cummins (Great Britain), Perkins (Great Britain), Yanmar (Japan), Volvo (Sweden). The main indicators of these generators are low noise, high environmental friendliness and impeccable reliability. According to these indicators, this brand won many leading world manufacturers.

All diesel generators are performed in two versions:

on the frame (open) – cheaper, but requiring protection against atmospheric precipitation, as well as a special room for absorption of noise;

with noise -insulating casing, which is usually equipped with a set of automation. The casing is made of high -strength material having a high degree of noise protection.

Chinese diesel power plants PowerLink are small in size, almost all models are easier and smaller in size of their analogues of other brands. To move generators from one site to another, mobile installations mounted at a special wheelbase are used.

Switching range of diesel power plants PowerLink

Conditionally, the entire model range of PowerLink generators can be divided into seven groups in power:

4-40 KVA-WPS10S, GMS12PX, GMS15PXS, WPS20S, WPS30S, GMS30CS with a nominal power of 4 to 40 KVA, 4-cylinder engine with a speed of 1500 OPINMENT, LEVE-LEGIONAL, Fuel consumption-2-5 LAST, TAC 90 capacity -260l, mass 422-717 kg;

40-100 KVA-GMS42PXS, WPS45S, GMS60CS, GMS80CS with a nominal power from 41 to 100 KVA, 4-cylinder engine with a rotation frequency of 1500 OPIN, LUDING TYMENT, Fuel consumption-6-14 LAST, TAM capacity 240-248L, mass 950-1399 kg;

100-200 KVA-GMS100CS, GMS130CS, WPS137S, WPS150S, GMS175CS, WPS180S with a rated power of 101 to 200 KVA, 6-cylinder engine with a speed of 1500 OPINMA, type of cooling-liquid, fuel consumption-16-32.5 lobs, capacity tank 220-317l, mass 1165-1648 kg;

200-500 KVA-WPS180S, WPS200S, WPS250S, GMS250CLS, WPS350S, WPS400S, GMS450CS rated power from 201 to 500 KVA, 6-cylinder engine 1500 OPINMA, Type of Cooling-Fuel, 32-72.8 LOCE LIK , tank capacity 317-770 l, mass 1648-5502 kg;

500-1000 KVA-WPS450S, GMS500CS, GMS575C, GMS600CS, GMS625CS, GMS750C, WPS800S, GMS900CS with a nominal power from 501 to 1000 KVA, 12-cylinder engine with a speed of 1500 PROMINA, LEVE-LLC, fuel consumption-74-145 pors , tank capacity 770-1410 l, mass 3785-7211 kg;

1000-1500 KVA-GMS900CS, GMS200CS, WPS250S, WPS350S, GMS1250CS with a nominal power from 1000 to 1500 KVA, 16-cylinder engine with a speed of 1500 OPMINA, liquid, fuel consumption-145-190.5 lreden, tank capacity 1300 -1521 l, mass 6585-8000 kg;

1500-2000 KVA-WPS180S, GMS1400C, WPS1500, WPS1750, WPS2000, WPS350S with a rated power from 1556 to 2200 KVA, 16-cylinder engine with a rotation frequency of 1500 OPMINA, liquid, fuel consumption- LCC , tank capacity 2538 l, mass 8500-10503 kg.

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