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Beauty products that have lost their relevance

by chinanewsapp

Basically, stylists talk about new trends and trends, but sometimes they talk about those products that should not be used in the makeup of the new season. To be stylish, you should forget about such cosmetics:

one. Combination – neutral lipstick + colored pencil.

If you need correction, it is better to use a contour colorless pencil. You can also use shine, which perfectly retains shape.

2. Bright lipsticks.

In the new season, plum, red, dark cherry shades and burgundy color in fashion in fashion. Therefore, from peach, coral, pink shades should be refused.

3. Tonal base of dense texture.

If this basis is ineptly, then it turn her face into a mask. The trend is maximum naturalness, so the base should be easy, and it is worth it to abandon the powder.

four. Tone cream.

Instead of foundation, you can use highlighters. You also need to use means that help to get the perfect coating that preserves its texture until the end of the working day.

5. Porever shadows.

These means emphasize wrinkles and cause the effect of visual aging. Matte shadows, on the contrary, allow you to create a haze around the eyes, which adds the view of expressiveness and depths.

6. Thin eyebrows.

An eyebrow in the new season should be bright, well -groomed, become an accent of makeup. This means that the eyebrow is excluded from the stylish image. If it fails to grow eyebrows, then they can be finished with a pencil.

7. Dark brown lipstick.

Berry and natural shades are more preferred in the new season.

eight. Dark tone.

If the hands and neck are white, then the dark tone brings sloppiness and unnaturalness into the image. Therefore, it is worth selecting a lighter tone.

9. Persian lipstick.

Naturalness is the trend of the season, so pearly products are not relevant.

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