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The gazebo in the country

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The gazebo is a small shelter that is located on the garden. There you can be in private, dream, reunite with nature, and also collect a noisy company. However, unlike garden arbors, popular a century ago, modern structures have more clear and carved forms, the features of the life of a large city appear in them.

The main material used in the construction of the gazebo is still used glass, natural stone, wood and metal. There are construction companies that are ready to offer the owners of summer cottages finished designs of garden arbors made of modern materials. Despite the variety of forms, and the building materials used in this structure, all garden arbors are united by a common feature – the structure of the arbor does not repeat the capital housing, but serves as a good place to relax the owner and his guests of the summer cottage.

In order to start building, you need to think over the place of its location, it should be both secluded and affordable. Given the fact that the gazebo has no walls, so you need to choose a calm place. The place for the gazebo can be the most unexpected. The gazebo can be built on a rocky slope that is not suitable for growing plants. With a summer house and a separate gazebo can be connected by a garden path.

Starting to work on the design of this design, you must definitely calculate the number of guests as accurately as possible, which can accommodate in it. Despite the fact that the garden arbor is not considered a cataling structure, it also requires significant costs of both financial and working forces. The most optimal material for the structure of the gazebo is a tree. Fashion for barbecue, barbecue and street fireplaces became an integral part of a garden gazebo. The design of the barbecue and arbors made a new architectural uniform – a gazebo with a barbecue. The middle of such a building occupies a barbecue.

Such a gazebo allows you to arrange holidays in the fresh air. In order for the fire to not inflate in such a gazebo by the wind, make the rear and side walls. Special holes for the chimney and ventilation are made in the roof of the structure. Also observe safety in the construction of such a gazebo. If the barbecue is installed in a wooden structure, the walls from the barbecue side are isolated from non -combustible material. If synthetic materials are used in the construction, Barbecue should be abandoned because the threat of fire is great. Choosing a model of the gazebo, it is important that it not only matches the requirements of the architectural composition as much as possible, but also harmonizes with the elements of the country landscape. Only in this case, inviting guests to the cottage, you can be sure that your forces were not in vain and appreciated.

Comregation in construction is carried out by uniting entrepreneurs into self -regulatory organizations of builders (SRO). For more details, find out what is the SRO and why you can enter it by clicking on the link.

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