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Useful tips for choosing female names

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Choosing a name for a girl is a responsible task that determines her character and life path. This is told not only by astrological forecasts, which have recently become very popular, but also by factors related to psychology: scientists have proven that the sound of a woman’s name should be pleasant and gentle, because this contributes to her self-development associated with a career or relationships with a man.

First of all, parents need to understand that following fashion trends, giving their daughter a name, is absolutely not worth it: the popularity of a name is a temporary phenomenon, so there is a possibility that it will someday serve as a reason for ridicule from peers at school or even at a university.

As a rule, beautiful female names have meanings related to pleasant phenomena that warm the soul – for example, Love or Hope. The meaning of these words is understandable to everyone and causes only positive emotions, therefore, relationships with people in girls or women called these names will take shape easily and simply.

However, other factors also affect the course of life events: from early childhood, the child’s character develops differently with the same names, but of various times and months for which his birth date falls. So, for example, girls born in the summer months have a more tender and calm disposition, therefore, to restore the necessary balance in the strength of character, they must be called names that have a rigid sound.

Winter children are usually selfish and hot -tempered, and their intolerance is emphasized by the hardness of character, so they always achieve the desired. To reduce their capricious imbalance, they are given tender names with a soft sound. As practice shows, such methods of solving the problem with the rigidity of character are really distinguished by high practicality, which gives its positive results.

Of course, all the secrets associated with the sound of names have not yet been fully disclosed, and it is not clear how the time of year affects a person’s temper. However, the certainty that spring windiness and lightness is reflected in people born between March and May. Such women have a sense of humor, they are smart enough, but not self-confident and fickle. To some extent, names with a solid sound help to cope with these shortcomings – for example, Inna, Zhanna, Ekaterina. They help girls or women to be persistent enough and achieve their goals.

Women born in autumn throughout their lives have lightness of character, perseverance and prudence. They usually do not need to adjust their character, therefore, at birth, the choice of a name for such girls is not limited to anything, except for the beauty of its sound. The most important thing is that the child should be comfortable living with such a name and respond nicely to it.

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