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The most effective tools for cleaning the house

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The organization of effective cleaning of technical and private premises requires the use of high -quality wiping material. The competently selected material will not only save time, effort and money in the process of cleaning, but will contribute to compliance with hygienic standards at the workplace. What are the basic requirements for wiping materials?

One of the most common problems encountered during cleaning is damage to objects (smooth surface of furniture and expensive equipment) of the interior due to the use of low-grade materials. Special wipes should contribute to the implementation of high -quality and safe processing of the surface of furniture elements. When choosing wiping napkins for cleaning the premises, you should pay attention to several aspects guaranteeing their quality and high efficiency. So, the material should be:

as strong as possible, with a high indicator of resistance to wear, as well as to the effects of chemicals;

sparing in relation to the processed surface: do not spoil, do not scratch and do not leave pile and divorces on it;

as easy to operate as possible;

have high moisture -absorbing properties;

to ensure the effective removal of dust and fingerprints, as well as the elimination of any, even the most persistent pollution.

Also, when choosing the material, it should be taken into account and its purpose. By the type of appointment, they are divided into:

household (used to wash glasses, floors, dishes, wiping dust, cleansing of tiles, wiping and polishing of various surfaces of the dwelling, including furniture);

industrial purpose (for wiping industrial equipment, as well as tools and individual parts in production; are actively used in laboratories, workshops, car services, etc.D.).

What else should you pay attention to? To a manufacturing firm that must specialize in the production of wiping material and guarantee the undeniable quality of its products, as well as its compliance with all existing standards. KimTech wiping materials were created by Kimberly-Clack to maintain a high level of industrial and household hygiene. The main task of the company is to ensure the protection of human health from the effects of industrial and household chemicals by using hygienic means. The company produces a huge range of high -quality goods and with proven efficiency, thanks to the use of which you will forever change your attitude to cleaning the premises.

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