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Paid doctor’s house calls – a very relevant service

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Paid doctor’s house calls – a very relevant service

Summer is a holiday period, and many people prefer to relax on the sea. However, in order for the rest to be really useful, experts recommend that parents with small children consult a doctor before traveling.

But medical workers are just the same, and vacations are also planned for the summer months. Consequently, in the clinic, at best, there will be half of the specialists. Queues of graduates who undergo a medical examination, kids for help in preschool institutions and, against their background, those whose immunity could not cope with the summer inconstancy of the weather. The risk of encountering a virus or bacteria before recovery, during close contact under the health worker’s office, is very high. In addition, it is likely that your primary care physician is not available and another specialist will take much longer to review your card, or, more likely, recommendations will be made after oral questioning.

As an option – a paid call to the therapist at home. No queues, communication with your permanent specialist, elimination of the danger of catching someone else’s disease.

If we consider the price aspect, then the paid call of the doctor to the house will not differ significantly from the amount that will have to be paid for transport costs on the road to the hospital and spending while waiting for your turn. Thus, spending the same money, the main savings is time. You can order a similar service at the patronage service.

Now regarding the quality of services and service. The home doctor service is provided by private clinics that can offer their employees high salaries and a certain social package. Consequently, they can also demand a highly qualified approach to work from their specialists, arrange a competitive recruitment and select the best candidates. Therefore, when contacting a paid clinic for the first time, you need to ask which of the employees will serve your call, and after that make inquiries about work experience, customer reviews and professional level. Private clinics are increasingly using the practice of family medicine, that is, a specialist who comes to the call can give advice on a wide range of issues. Training of specialists takes place on an ongoing basis, these are both trainings and international seminars. In addition, the material support and quality of auxiliary medical instruments are always at the highest level, which, unfortunately, cannot be said about the state medical landing.

The doctor’s home visit is carried out at a convenient time for you, which you appoint yourself. Available on weekends and evenings. The practice of standing for several hours for a voucher for an appointment that will take place next week will seem something barbaric and long forgotten.

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