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Life story: sick leave – excavator

by chinanewsapp

Life story: sick leave

Unfortunately, the statement “without a piece of paper – you are a bug” – relevant in our modern world. Even if you had a good reason for a job, and even if your sick leave, as often happens, is “at your own expense”, you still have to present evidence of your weakness. Director-will not always be able to enter your position and somehow hush up this situation, therefore, except for a cold, you have a headache-what should I go to work with.

By its simplicity, I did not even suspect that a sick leave is a complex procedure that would require strength, health and nerves. I’ll tell you about my bitter experience. 1 difficulty – registration. How? You are not registered here? We will not serve you without written permission! As a result – 5 minutes for an application almost on a loan, with all kinds of contact data, only TIN does not need to be entered. Plus the turn of three cabinets.

To get sick leave, you still need to get to the district doctor and convince him that it is to you, and not to the one who accepts at another time.  If you still managed to convince the doctor to examine you, be prepared for all kinds of diagnoses and for all kinds of recipes. For example, instead of acute respiratory infections, I wanted to write pressure.

But do not forget that you still have to come to your favorite clinic 1 time to close the sick leave, where you again sit in the queue between the chasing-crumbling at least 3 cabinets. In addition, you will definitely make fluorography once again, now without it, no one will put a stamp in the hospital without it in the hospital. And now, not even 3 days have passed – to the result.

After walking on the torment, I am sure that next time I will buy a sick leave. I certainly save my nerves, and health will certainly. Maybe, of course, soon in our country everything will change and popularity will also gain family medicine, but so far we will be content with what is.


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