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The role of the interior door in the living room

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Any theater begins with a hanger, and each house begins with the door. The door is the most conservative element of our house. The modern door in its design is almost no different from the doors that a person has made for his home for many centuries.

Advanced technologies still make adjustments to the processes of their manufacture – these are the latest materials and synthetic coatings that make them a special decorative interior element. A variety of design features of modern door systems allows them to be used in the premises for which they are intended, with various operating conditions. It should be noted that the modern door is not only beautiful in appearance, but strong and durable.

According to functional features, doors are divided into several types: interior, entrance, terrace and balcony doors, bathroom doors. Different requirements apply to door systems. It depends on their purpose. Interior doors Premium class, St. Petersburg are a real decoration of the interior. They bring the comfort and warmth of natural wood into the house, perfectly combined with furniture and parquet. For example, the front door requires increased attention, that is, it must be subject to special requirements for reliability and strength, heat and sound insulation, for its decoration, especially if it is a cottage door, then it must be resistant to atmospheric changes. All these tasks are combined in the design of double doors or with the help of an internal vestibule. Such a system retains heat, combines the high reliability of a metal outer door with a decoratively designed inner door.

A variety of door finishes is possible due to the use of different coatings as a facing material. Which are wooden veneer of different species (beech, oak, walnut), MDF of different colors, polymer coatings that make the surface of the door shiny, like a concert piano. A distinctive feature of modern wooden doors is wood processing using new technologies. Such structures are not subject to warping, and improved protective coatings retain the external decorative appearance of the door for a long time.

Glass doors

Hi-tech is becoming more and more popular these days. It was from this style that designers began to borrow the ideas of glass doors. Trade pavilions and public buildings are no exception to the rule.

The choice of interior doors for many years

Installing good interior doors is considered an integral part of any modern interior. Doors open and close every day and more than once. The interior door can be made of a variety of materials – glass, plastic, wood.

How to choose entrance steel doors for a country house?

The main requirements for iron doors are a pleasant appearance and strength. Based on these parameters, it is worth considering them.

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