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Cardiral training – endurance and weight loss

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Running and pedaling, of course, is much easier than doing dumbbells and barbell. Everyone knows that cardio exercises strengthen the heart and lungs, develop endurance, burn calories and, of course, relieve stress.

How long should card -training be paid? It all depends on what tasks and the goals you set for yourself. If your goal is losing weight, then 200 minutes a week is considered the best moderate load, t.e. 30 minutes daily. Scientists’ studies have shown that women with overweight, adhering to this regime, lose about 14% of body weight than those who are engaged in less than 150 minutes a week, who are lost by only 5%.

If your goal is to strengthen your heart and become more resilient, you need to train 4-5 times a week, alternating high and medium loads. Lesson duration from 25 to 45 minutes.

Which cardio traffic can lose weight on which? The longer and more intensively you move, the more you lose calories, regardless of the cardio traffic. So on the treadmill and steppes it is possible to engage in more intensively than on a ski or rowing exercise bike, because running and walking is a more natural and familiar type of activity. However, work every day on the same simulator where calories are most burned – boring, monotonously, better to change the type of activity, thereby spurring energy consumption.

If, instead of one long training, to arrange several short ones, whether this will affect the efficiency of work? To maintain the shape and reduce weight, only the total time spent on itself, and what it will be, short or long, it does not matter. But if your goal is to achieve certain results (if you are preparing for a marathon or competition), it is better not to crush the training.

Engaged in daily cardio loads, the weight does not decrease? It is worth trying to complicate your classes by increasing the pace or replace the training of interval. But the main thing is not to overdo it, 2-3 times a week no more. Also, the combination of cardio training with strength exercises contributes to weight loss. The muscle mass is increased, the metabolism is accelerated, fats are burned even more. And, of course, the consumption of calories should be lower than the consumption. If your clothes began to sit on you better, and you feel more energetic, then you have already achieved certain successes.

How to make yourself love cardio training? Aerobic loads are not always so boring and monotonous as it seems, they can be diversified, swim in the pool, go on a hike, play sports games (volleyball, basketball), arrange hiking (your favorite shopping), dance. There are many types of cardioactivity, and you can always find something of your own, which will bring pleasure!

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