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Cosmetics of the future

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Cosmetics of the future

Desheli cosmetics is characterized by unsurpassed quality. It is often called the cosmetics of the future, since in its production a unique revolutionary technology is used. This technology was called “smart crystals”. Its effectiveness is proved by the research conducted in Israel, France and Russia, as well as numerous reviews of cosmetics of cheaply from satisfied customers.

What is the technology of “smart crystals”?

The technology of “smart crystals” is based on the ability of cells to form waves that have a certain frequency and transform them depending on the condition of the skin. Microparties of sugar are used as smart crystals, which records the frequency of waves emitted by healthy cells. Under the influence of these programs, the skin cells begin to produce substances responsible for the smoothness and elasticity of the skin: collagen, elastin and hyalouranic acid.

Advantages of cosmetics

Desheli cosmetics is professional cosmetics, but at the same time it is great for home use. It does not lead to the addiction and the appearance of allergies.Cosmetics of this company are characterized by naturalness, safety and high efficiency.

Desheli cosmetics are rich in Dead Sea minerals, herbal oils, collagen, hyalouranic acid, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and proteins.Desheli predicts the aging of the skin.Under her action, the skin becomes healthy, fresh and attractive.

Desheli cosmetics classification

The company has created 3 series of funds:

Crystalyouth combines plant components, smart crystals and Dead Sea minerals, which helps to rejuvenate the skin.

The series contains 2 lines: Cy Proge (for women under 35) and Cy Anti-Age (for women after 35 years).

BodyLanguage includes white tea, lotus and cotton flowers with antioxidant properties. Funds included in the series stimulate the immune system, enhance its protective barrier, make the skin smooth, elastic and elastic.

SeaillSuion contains Dead Sea minerals that contribute to deep restoration of skin and hair that eliminates all cosmetic problems: wrinkles, unhealthy facial complexion, skin irregularities, rashes. Means of this series are suitable for sensitive skin prone to allergies and are characterized by excellent quality. In its manufacture, innovative technologies are used.

But do not expect that the use of Desheli cosmetics will instantly save you from all imperfections and return youth. To get a noticeable effect, you need to use cosmetics for 2-3 weeks.

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