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Homemade: Provide a full life

by chinanewsapp

When starting pets, it must be remembered that this act should be well thought out, because a cat or dog is living creatures requiring affection, care and a certain time that is exclusively given games. The dog can remind you of these needs, bringing the ball in his teeth and inviting the owner to have fun with it, but the disposition of proud cats is arranged differently: they will simply wait for the initiative from the person.

Sometimes active games for home purring creatures are the only way to stay in optimal physical form that supports their health and prolongs their lives to pets. Typically, such conditions are a consequence of the fact that the so -called “urban” cats living in apartment buildings are practically not on the street, so the owner needs to find an alternative to running along the grass and reflexes of predator, which are laid down in the main representative of the cat family itself.

This replacement for natural needs can be a variety of cats for cats, sold in our time in any pet store and amazing their assortment. Of course, products in the form of mice are most often purchased that can be moving independently or controlled by a rope. They can be soft and hard, fluffy or decorated with short multi -colored feathers.

In general, a game with a cat makes sense if the item can move quickly-the home predator will be happy to catch it, running out of the corner and attacking a fictional victim. However, any toy of the animal is gradually annoying, so periodically you have to buy new products for games that differ from the previous. However, there are also games that become in demand in cats for a long time.

First of all, this is a laser pointer, the point of which turns into something unknown for the animal, and the fact that it is impossible to catch a luminous ray, similar to a sunbeam, only adds excitement to the pet. However, it should be remembered that specimens that are implemented in simple souvenir stalls or stores, for games with his pet, you can’t use it in any case.

The fact is that simple pointings have too bright beam spoiling cat vision, so these products should also be purchased only at specialized retail outlets. Copies sold in pet stores have a muffled light light and attractive shape, so they are safe and interesting to cats.

Auto -gaps that make certain vibrations and movements are also no less attractive to them, thanks to which the pets for a long time play. If the toy is made in the form of a snake, then entertainment with it can last more than an hour, because such a game turns not only into hunting, but also to uphold its rights into the territory of the apartment.

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