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One of the most popular colors for furniture and doors in the modern world is wenge. However, when many say that Wenge is a color, they are mistaken. Wenge is a tree of wood, and in the industry production products made of wood, wenge is often substituted in the color column only why to indicate the color -texture ornament. Wenge doors are now particularly popular in design.

It is true that you should keep in mind that the doors of the wenge are different. Когда производители пишу “дверь венге”, они в больше степени имеют ввиду ее окрас (от цвето-текстурный орнамент о котором мы говорили выше), в то время как материал изготовления такой двери может быть совершенно любым. For example, the door can be pasted with a laminated film near Weng, decorated with an eco -pound near Weng or vene of wenge. By the way, eco -rospon is a plastic made in the color of the wenge, and if you see the veneered door of the wenge, this means that the door was covered with a natural thin layer of the Wenge tree.

By the way, what should you know about the Wenge Wood itself? Wood Wenge is made of wood of wenge. This is a very rare tropical tree of the bean family. It grows on the African continent. As much as 25 species of the Wenge tree are distinguished in botany, and the color palette is played from dark brown shades with black ornaments, to golden brown. In general, the tree of the Wenge tree is hard, heavy wood. It is resistant to pressure, perfectly resists different fungi and insect.  Its appearance and characteristics made it a beautiful decorative and functional option for the manufacture of wood products. Although the processing of Wenge is not the simplest thing due to a huge amount of oily and minerals contained in it.

In view of all the unsurpassed features of the Wenge tree, the massive door from this material will be expensive, and it is rare in our market.  Best of all – simple venction of wenge. It is the venction of natural wingen wood that is a great option, where a small surcharge for beauty and ecology is the final result. If the budget does not allow, then you can choose an eco -rospon, where with the help of chemistry on plastic, they get a picture similar from the patterns of Venge. This texture will be designed by your door and it will look almost like natural (but, keep in mind that the difference will be noticeable near).

Portal Project Rus asks that many stores write the combination of “Massive Wenge” next to a very low price for such a door.  Read carefully or check with the seller – such doors are most likely a pine massif with laminating near Weng.  In general, always pay attention to the description of the door – never trust only information in the name.  Most sellers indicate such phrases in the headlines: “Array Buk”, “Massive Wenge”, “Array of Oak”, etc.P. In fact, such a product very often turns out to be an array of pine with eco -sophony or laminating for another tree.

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