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What do men do not like

by chinanewsapp

In order to have sexual attractiveness for men, women are not bad to be informed about what men do not like in sex. Of course, each man has his own complaints, and if you read this list specifically to your partner, he will change something, argue with another, add his points to him. But this list of most often encountered men’s comments on women is based on hundreds of surveys of representatives of the stronger sex. It may seem to you that some statements have nothing to do with sex, but in general they avert men from the fair sex. So, let’s find out what men do not like.

Men do not like when women portray complete indifference to sex. A man will not value a partner who does not show initiative in sex. A man believes that a woman should know his body well.

Men do not like it when a partner accuses him of the absence of his orgasm.

A man does not like when a woman leads him in sex, they believe that a woman’s lot is to be active, but humble. They absolutely do not want to deal with a cold and passive woman in bed.

Women’s chatter often annoys men, and in bed – especially. Men do not understand how a woman may not love her body. They cannot stand the excessive concern of women with their appearance. They don’t like greedy kisses.

Excessive female seriousness will only scare away a man. They do not want to deal with weak, sticky, annoying women. Men hate the female stupidity and manifestations of primitivism.

They do not like and are even afraid of women who are concerned only to the state of the partner’s wallet. Men cannot stand it when a woman uses her sexuality to manipulate them.

They will never agree to listen to stories about her “former”. Men do not like women who do not attach the significance of their underwear.

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