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Rent housing in Moscow without intermediaries

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Living and working in Moscow is a dream not only for Russians, but also for many citizens of neighboring countries. As you know, the first obstacle on the way to this goal is the “housing problem”, which has to be solved in different ways. Considering the prices for real estate in the capital, most visitors do not have the opportunity to immediately buy an apartment here, even on the outskirts. Therefore, the only way out of the situation is to rent.

Self-search mode

From an economic point of view, it is more profitable to rent an apartment in Moscow without intermediaries. After all, the services of Moscow realtors cost clients a “tidy” sum. It is no coincidence that many rental ads end with the traditional wording: “do not disturb intermediaries”.

Alas, the high professionalism of real estate agents is not always affordable for their potential clients. Because of this, many people prefer to search for housing on their own. The most up-to-date information about the real estate market is posted on the relevant web resources. Looking through the bulletin boards, a housing seeker should quickly respond to the option that interests him. We must not forget about competition and that sometimes the performance of the search determines seconds. If the announcement of the apartment is submitted by the applicant, he should indicate in it not only his phone number, but also e-mail and skype.

Precautions when renting an apartment

Those who were lucky in Moscow to rent an apartment from the owner without outside help, saved a lot. However, in order not to be a victim of scammers, you should not trust unfamiliar people for a word. The first thing that should arouse suspicion is the haste with which housing owners are trying to conclude a deal with the client. As a rule, scammers “press” the deadlines, so they are ready to make great “concessions”, up to 30-40 % of the real lease amount. Of course, all this is done with the most “sincere” friendliness in order to lull the vigilance of his victim. It would be naive to believe that, having familiarized himself with the passport data of the deceiver, the client will insure himself from trouble. It is easier to identify forgery by asking neighbors to verify the identity of the owner of this apartment. A decent person is not offended at all.

Trust control

As you can see, renting apartments without intermediaries has its own nuances. Both parties must exercise caution when making such a transaction. After all, it will cost the owner a lot of work, to call the tenant to responsibility for damaged property or damage to the apartment, if he does not periodically take an interest in the condition of the dwelling. In addition, you need to immediately discuss with the client the form of payment for utilities and electricity.

Most apartments today are equipped with water, gas and even heat meters. Therefore, it is not always profitable to charge an “arithmetic mean” amount for their consumption. If the tenants, in addition, intensively use several units of office equipment, then financial compensation should be specified in detail.

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