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Everything you need in the bathroom

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Often people face a difficult task, to place everything you need in the bathroom, having a small space. In most Russian houses, the bathroom does not exceed 4 m2. Therefore, it is very important to plan in advance what and where to put. Thus, you save space and time.In addition to the sink and the bath itself, it is desirable to install a water heated towel rail; such a device can be purchased at any specialized store. Towel warmers come in different colors and sizes. The quality depends directly on the manufacturer, so it is not recommended to save on them.

Where to begin?

Of course, you need to start with a plan. It has already become so customary that without a clear plan you can’t do much. It is best to draw on an A4 sheet what you want to see in the future in your bathroom. Experiment with equipment, appliances and accessories. It takes a lot of time to find the best option.

It would be better if you install a couple of hanging cabinets in the bathroom. If the room is very small, then you can sacrifice the size of the bath itself. If it is a few centimeters smaller, it will not be a disaster, but it will be possible to accommodate a washing machine. Of course there are other options. If it is not possible to change the bath, then you can install a washing machine under the sink. In this case, you will have a small-sized washing machine.

The choice of plumbing

Often, buyers choose plumbing that is more expensive and has a high-profile brand. This is fundamentally wrong. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the quality of sanitary ware. As you know, it’s not a fact that expensive things are better. It is generally accepted that the most durable and high-quality plumbing comes from Italy, but now Russia produces pretty good plumbing and China.

When choosing a bath, you need to pay attention to the material. Bathtubs are available in acrylic, steel and cast iron. From acrylic emit: ceramic and marble (artificial). Ceramic bathtubs look very good on the outside, but are quite fragile, so if there are children at home, it is better not to buy it. Cast iron bathtubs are durable, but more expensive than steel ones. The shower cabin is selected according to the same principle.

A very important element in the bathroom is the faucet. It’s better not to save here, because, as we all know, the miser pays twice. To make the right choice, examine the range of several stores.


As a rule, the bathroom is decorated according to all the canons of minimalism. But, over the past few years, designers have begun to be interested in non-standard bath design options. Venetian style – great for decorating bathrooms, as it contains not only soft shades of pastel colors, but also intricate textures.

Venetian plaster is well suited for facing the walls of the bath. It is important to consider the fact that the Venetian reacts to high humidity. Therefore, it will be appropriate to install good ventilation.

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