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Each self -respecting guardian of fashion trends has at least one pair in his arsenal, which have become classic, Aviator points. Moreover, the variety of models allows you to combine them with various styles and directions in clothing. And the recognizable form of lenses is suitable for almost any structure of the face, both men and women.

The history of super popular aviators began almost a century ago, in 1929-1930. Bausch company & Lomb developed drop -shaped greenish lenses specifically for American pilots, they fully protected their eyes from sunlight due to the features of bends, increased clarity, leaving the entire review affordable. This contributed to the exact work of the pilots. The leading manufacturer of the optics today Ray Ban has launched mass production of aviators in 1937., Publishing the model of sunglasses, which received the official name Ray Ban Aviator. But truly “popular” glasses became the filing of US Army General Douglas MacArthur, who wore them during the Second World War in the Philippines, where he was captured by photorepectors and printed in newspapers. Every decade, Ray-Ban produced more improved collections of aviators, so, having produced 50 points with a democratic plastic frame, Mark won the love of fashionistas and fashionistas around the world. And in the 80s they were presented to them by the “star” life of the film “Best Shooter”.

Today, “aviators” do not surprise anyone, everyone is worn by everyone: students, military, housewives, teachers. It is difficult to imagine a movie star, especially the hero-hero, without such glasses. The possibility of choosing lenses of any color – green, brown, purple, blue, black, gray, pink – and frames for every taste – plastic, metal, thickened or thin – Aviators points with regulars of all world fashion shows in every season. In the world, perhaps there is no optics manufacturing company that would ignore the subject of army origin.

What to wear “aviators” with

As already mentioned, a wide range of models of aviator points gives a huge flight of fantasy in the choice of clothes. Depending on the color and frame, they can be worn with any things. Glasses in a classic thin metal frame will be perfectly combined with the military style of Militari or with the daily city direction “Casual”. Designers also did not bypass athletes: reinforced plastic frame will greatly complement the sports view. Fans of glamorous style or romance also have something to complete the ensemble: mirror lenses to give sexuality; a frame decorated with decor elements for emphasizing femininity; The lenses only slightly darkened at the top will create a delicate and air image.

Thanks to a huge choice, you can buy Ray Ban Aviator points for any suit, decorating and completing it completely. Online-Storecategoty-Layoutaviator

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