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What you need to know about the construction of a correct Russian bath from a beam and logs?

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Love for a traditional bath will always warm up in a Russian person. We can’t take this away from this – almost everyone loves to take a steam bath, despite the fact that no foreign sauna will replace a real Russian bathhouse. The benefits of a Russian bath are also an amazing incentive for building such in a summer cottage. But over many years, the version of the bath, which was popular in our original Russian villages, was slightly transformed under the influence of technologies of different countries, especially under the influence of the culture of Finnish construction.

The traditional Russian bath is made of large round logs. Usually logs of coniferous wood, for example, pine or spruce.  Previously harvested such logs in the winter season, when the humidity was lower. Now the baths, in addition to logs, is also building from the beam.  Moreover, the latter has become more popular and in this article you will find out why.

In general, a log and a beam is almost the same tree, except that the beam has a square section, and the log has a cylindrical log.  Due to its square section, the beam has less weight and therefore to build a bathhouse from a beam is much easier and more economical. However, buildings from the beam are considered less durable due to the fact that during the processing of the material the most strong part of the tree is cut off.  As for the timber and the logs as a whole, both materials are now processed by various means from moisture, rot, fungi, fire, etc.P. In general, the protection of the material is now being carried out in full.

Experts also distinguish the construction feature and price feature in the construction of a bathhouse or timber bath. Although, a chopped bath is considered better, from a profiled timber you can build a bath cheaper. The tuned beam will be even cheaper to install the walls, but then you will have to spend money on the finish. Logs of natural humidity and a timber of natural humidity need a technical break before the construction, in which they are defended. Time can take from 3 to 6 months. Only a dry beam does not need a break – built and immediately you can use the bathhouse.

Logs of logs for proper functionality must be given a lot. Allocate six months, or even a year before use. A bathhouse from a bar can be purchased much cheaper than a log cut and start using it faster. Another reason why many depart from the traditions of the banangery and choose a beam – this is the planning of the structure. The beam gives more opportunities and design solutions.

For those who want a bathhouse at a favorable price and in a short time, the company Slavstroyd offers turnkey baths.  In general, I would like to note that the turnkey construction service service is quite popular among those who want to get a finished building quickly and completely ready -made form.

Portal Project Rodni hopes that you will correctly pick up the material for your wooden bathhouse.  Whatever you choose, – pleasant bath rest to you!

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