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Wedding salons in Grodno

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One of the key elements of the wedding is the bride dress. It is the choice of dress that takes the most time. In the difficult case, the choice of a suitable dress is always ready to help wedding salons in Grodno.

The classic is considered white, but there are practically no restrictions in the color scheme. In addition, a wide range of style solutions that are used to sew the outfit is allowed.

The traditions of elegant dresses in Western culture dates back to the time of the Middle Ages. In those days, a wedding was not so much a union of two loving people as a political instrument, and the dress was one of the opportunities to demonstrate the wealth and influence of the bride’s family. Everything was calculated, ranging from the quality of fabric and fur used in the manufacture of dresses and ending with the amount of material spent meters. The colors were in a wide variety of ranges, sometimes even black fabric was used. The tradition of a white wedding dress was founded in the 19th century, at the wedding of the English Queen Victoria.

In the east, the traditional color of the wedding dress has always been considered red. Although at present the range of traditional colors has expanded and includes orange, yellow, pink and gold color.

Wedding dresses are characterized by two styles: romantic and classic.

The characteristic features of the classical style are the severity of the style, the lack of bright and the colors of the fabric. The minimum number of jewelry is used.

The romantic style is characterized by an abundance of various kinds of jewelry, expensive fabrics and complex figures. It usually has a deep neckline and tight-fitting forms.

Whatever the tastes and needs of the bride and her parents, wedding salons in Grodno are always ready to help in the difficult task of choosing a dress.

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