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Underfloor heating water or electric?

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More recently, underfloor heating was an inaccessible privilege for wealthy people. With the advent of new materials, installation methods, the cost of such floors has decreased significantly, becoming easier and more accessible to everyone. The heating of the floor rationally distributes heated air to two to two and a half meters in height, significantly reducing the energy consumption of the heating of the room.

In this case, the most comfortable climate is obtained when the temperature at the floor surface is approximately 5 degrees, and as it approaches the ceiling, it decreases. It can be used both as the only heating system and an additional heat source, for example, when such a system is used in separate rooms (bathroom, bathroom, etc.P.)

Let’s get acquainted with the two main types of floor heating systems: a warm floor with water cycle heating – metapopol, and a warm floor with electric heating – with the installation of electric cables. Recently, the consumer has been increasing interest to the warm floors “film”. Water or electric warm floor select? To do this, consider their advantages and disadvantages separately.

Metal-plastic pipes (“metapol”) are easy and convenient to install, economical, just connect such a floor to a central heating or hot water system. It is worth noting that such a heating system can be used with any type of flooring.

Water circulation heating directly depends on the stability of the hot coolant supply (heating or ordinary water). Interruptions in the supply of water, pressure and temperature drops, dirt from rusty pipes, as well as violations of the floor installation technology can subsequently lead to the failure of the warm floor, flooding of neighbors, etc. P.

The optimal use of metapol is a country cottage with an autonomous recirculating (closed) heating system, using technical fluid as a heat carrier.

Underfloor heating with electric heating is independent of the central heating system and can be used everywhere. The ability to control the temperature by programming the thermostat with an electrical circuit allows you to choose optimally comfortable temperatures, and also eliminates unnecessary waste of electricity; built-in safety shutdown system will protect the flooring and the room as a whole from damage.

The disadvantages of this technology include high costs for space heating.

It is worth paying special attention to the laminate floor with built-in heating. It is easy to use due to the possibility of installation on any surface, and the heating elements are already built into the laminate boards. It is enough to connect the heating elements together, connect the boards in the grooves and lay them on the base, additional fixation will be provided by aluminum locks. Such a floor can be mounted both over the entire area and in separate places (near the bed, in the corridor, etc.).P.).

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