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DIY ventilation arrangement in the kitchen

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Many people know that comfort in the kitchen depends not only on your taste and developed imagination, but also on microclimate. This is fresh air, the required temperature and humidity.


It is in the kitchen that the air should be constantly updated. This is due to the fact that food is being prepared in the kitchen and the hostess is going to spend a lot of time in this room. Therefore, proper ventilation is necessary to maintain optimal living conditions. Unfortunately, few pay attention to this. How to make ventilation in the kitchen – very often during repair or construction this issue is not even discussed.

The ventilation circuit in the kitchen usually consists of an extract above the stove and general air ventilation using ventilation mines. If ventilation shafts are laid in the project of the house, then it is worth checking the air of the air. To do it is simple: it is applied to the ventilation grill sheet of paper. If ventilation is normal – it should stay on the grille due to the traction. If there is no traction, it is necessary to clean ventilation.

In the absence of ventilation mines, it is necessary to calculate the ventilation of the kitchen. To obtain the most comfortable conditions, air exchange in the kitchen should be 100-200 m3. For short -term improvement of ventilation, ventilation can be used using windows. If standard ventilation and hoods above the stove are not enough, forced ventilation in the kitchen is needed.

There are unspoken requirements for kitchen ventilation. There is a concept of a common balance in the room. It is desirable that it be positive: the flow of air is greater than the hood. In this case, the air is much cleaner.

In the absence of ventilation shafts, it is advisable to install a forced ventilation system. Installation of ventilation in the kitchen is practically identical to other rooms. The main thing is to achieve ventilation of the maximum area and the volume of the room. Ventilation ducts must be removed separately or to the general ventilation riser.

A separate hood is necessarily mounted above the plate itself, which should work simultaneously with the stove. Their choice is large and depends on the power, design and other things. Pipes for ventilation in the kitchen should withstand the high temperature above the stove and have a neat appearance. There are special corrugations for high temperatures. The remaining ventilation ducts are usually installed from PVC plastic.

In the ventilation shaft you can mount an additional ventilation device in the kitchen in the form of a fan. You can turn it on as necessary.

Standard ventilation systems installed in past decades are not designed for energy conservation. But now there is a solution to this problem. And when installing ventilation, it is advisable to use this solution. DIY ventilation in the kitchen complete with heat exchangers (recuperator) will make your air cleaner and save heat. The recuperator can be used as instead of a standard fan.

Video – installation of ventilation

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