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Today, more and more attention is paid to accessories when creating a stylish image. Among them, an important place is occupied by hours. This year has made its adjustments to the hourly fashion. As the latest new products, for example, among the Samsung washing machines, they present at exhibitions of technology, and this is natural, the most actual clock trends were presented at an exhibition in Geneva, in the international salon Haute Horlogerie. After all, it is precisely such events that create an hourly fashion, form style and demand for certain models and brands. This season is fashionable to balance between classic and sports styles, elegant, laconic watches with leather straps are relevant. So, according to the recommendations of the Geneva exhibition, in 2017 you need to choose the following hours: firstly, those that combine sports and classics; With a calm designed design with a thin leather strap (the skin of reptiles is recommended as a material for the strap). At the same time, the best design of the dial is a rectangle with ornament around the perimeter; Secondly, fashionable watch, and in particular dialing, the solution is an open mechanism for viewing. Piaget Emperador Coussin Tourbillon Automatic watches, presented at the Geneva Exhibition, worth almost 200 thousand dollars, popularized this abundance of watches; Thirdly, the IWC Portofino DL Time watch model deserved special attention with its two chronographs to determine the time in 2 hour zones. The best version of the dial is a classic round, the strap is black leather; fourthly, the public liked the watch from a. Lange & Sohne. They are original in their design: in some amazing way, they managed to combine classic charm and sports dynamics, than to fix the enthusiastic views of visitors to the exhibition; And finally, the clock of Ralph Lauren Sporting Chronograph Guilloche Dial 39. With a small dial, a leather strap, these watches are ideal for fans of comfort and style.

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