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What to do with noisy neighbors?

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What to do with noisy neighbors?

Noisy neighbors are a rather big problem of our society. And, believe me, it’s not only about your home. All over the world, many families suffer from loud neighbors. Obviously, this issue is most significant in apartment buildings, but even in autonomous country houses, this may be a problem. The situation is delicate, requires calm and correct approaches.

It is reasonable to initially try to solve the problem with noisy neighbors yourself. The conversation should be polite, even friendly.  He can begin with a phrase like: “I’m not sure what you know, but the noise from your apartment prevents me from sleeping.”. Many people are not able to understand that walls or floors can be too thin and any music included just above the limit will cause inconvenience to a neighbor. Especially if a person is used to listening loudly music in headphones or he has problems with hearing, and he turns on the TV loudly to hear. In such situations, the negative can only make it worse, make a neighbor feel under the attack and, according to the normal psychological behavior of a person, stand in a protective pose. Just explain to your neighbor that his music, TV or dog barking is reached your apartment and prevents you from sleeping or working.

In all regions of Russia, different time frames have been adopted, which limit people to make noise in their apartments. That is, from a certain evening hour to morning hours, it is not allowed to make noise above certain indicators. So on your side there is a law and a district police officer, which can be called to solve a conflict situation. But before doing this, study what time it is indicated for your region and try to solve the problem without the intervention of a district police officer.

You should know that not all neighbors will respond to your request positively, some may have a hostile reaction. If noisy neighbors do not change their behavior, then you turn to the local.

You can also draw up a letter to the HOA, where to indicate a problem tenant who prevents you from sleeping and does not respond to your actions. You can attract neighbors if they are also concerned about a noisy neighbor. In general, your task is to create a model of behavior and if you need to sue a neighbor who, contrary to the established regime, makes noise at night, then you need to collect the maximum number of evidence. So, take copies of papers from the precinct, copies of letters in the HOA and so on. You can consult a lawyer in this matter in order to clarify which options you have.

Remember that it makes sense not to respond to noise in an angry manner or anger. To strengthen your point of view, you need to act calmly and reasonably.  But in no case do not ignore the bad neighbors – take all the right measures that will make them lead an adequate lifestyle that will not affect your life and the life of your family.

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